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Gravity Pods Print
Tuesday, 31 July 2007 20:41
Gravity Pods

Gravity Pods is a vector-based physics shooter / puzzle. The objective is simple: shoot a projectile at a target. Of course, there are some barriers, and naturally there is a way around those barriers. By strategically placing Gravity Pods around the screen, you can bend the path your projectile takes, so that it goes around walls, down halls, curves back on itself etc. The trick is figuring out where to put them to lead the projectile to the target. The first levels are simple, but it gets progressively tougher as the courses get harder, and more elements come into play. 

Simpsonize Yourself Print
Monday, 30 July 2007 12:21

My Simpson likeness.A couple weeks ago, I posted “Create Your Own South Park Character” which allows you to create your South Park likeness. The images make great avatars for instant message clients and Internet forums. Well if you’re not a South Park fan but love the Simpsons you’re still in luck. Head over to The Simple Movie, and after it loads look for ‘Create You Simpsons Avatar’ at the top of the screen. It works much like the South Park version. One you customize your avatar to your liking you can download it as a small square avatar or download your complete cartoon self. My version is in line with this paragraph. You can also get an embed code to place a flash version on your website like the one below.

The Life and Times of the Computer Virus Print
Sunday, 29 July 2007 15:13

Virus Birth in 1975The computer virus has grown and matured over the past few decades. Its birth is considered by many to have been at the hands of John Walker in 1975. Walker created a subroutine called PERVADE as part of the program ANIMAL that ran on a UNIVAC. Animal was a computer program that would try to guess the animal you were thinking of by asking series of twenty questions. PERVADE was a subroutine that allowed ANIMAL to copy itself into another directory when played by someone. This sounds harmless enough. The only real potential for damage, so to speak, is that eventually the system would run out of space as more and more users played the game.

Can Accessing an Open Wi-Fi Network Land You in Jail? Print
Wednesday, 25 July 2007 16:33

WiFi Can Land You in Jail“Man arrested for accessing wireless network”, or something to that tune had been in the headlines a few times recently. Each time I read it, I question the validity of the laws used in these cases. I personally think the legal ignorance of technology is the problem. Around 6th grade (stick with me here), I submitted a paper I had typed in Paperclip, my first word processor. I was stunned when my teacher wouldn’t accept it. I had printed it with a dot-matrix printer. Of course the paper’s computer generation was obvious and my teacher immediately conjured up the notion that my computer had clearly written my paper for me. My teacher’s position was that I need to do the paper myself, and consequently, she wouldn’t accept anything done by a computer. I reasoned that I had actually composed the paper, and the computer had not created the paper for me as she was implying. In the end I lost that battle but learned from the experience. She made a rule based in ignorance that was going to cost me – the price of a daisy wheel printer.

Opt Out of Calls, Cookies, Junk Mail, and More Print
Saturday, 21 July 2007 22:29

No SpamSomeone I know recently had a brush with identity theft. Identity theft appears to be as rampant as ever. The thief had stolen various mail from their mail box or perhaps their trash. I’m told the pre approved credit card offers are their gold, as they often have enough information in them to be used to get a new credit card, in your name, mailed to a different address. You normally hear how you should invest in a personal shredder to destroy this type of mailings, but being the green guy I am, I began to wonder if you could just simply opt out of receiving the stupid things to begin with. Well you can. In the process of digging for that I found a few other places that can help you reduce the noise in your life. 

Safe Internet Browsing for You and Your Kids Print
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 21:08

Safe Broswing Kid

Keeping your computer kid safe has been next to impossible. Sure most of us need a virus scanner, but having the best virus scanner and firewall available doesn’t stop pornography sites from popping up on your screen. Solutions in the past have involved word filtering which is flakey at best. OpenDNS a relatively new service approaches solving this problem it in a different manner that works. I’ll briefly explain.

Every OS Sucks! Print
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 16:48
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When you have about 6 minutes to kill, this is a great video about how every operating system sucks.

Mac vs PC Print
Monday, 16 July 2007 15:13

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC South Park style. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Death of the Fax Machine Print
Sunday, 15 July 2007 21:39

Death of the FaxWhy won’t the fax machine die? I hate them. Having transmitted images of document with a computer years before the success of the facsimile , I have just never been impressed. This is the age of broad band internet and computers. Does the term email mean anything to these Neanderthals still feeding these machines reams of paper? Why does the fax, an anachronistic 20th century technology still haunt me today? Well, I think I can answer my own question here. You can buy a fax machine now for fifty bucks. They don’t get viruses or spyware and their interface is a phone keypad plus a send button. When it doesn’t work you simply feed it more paper, ink, toner, film or whatever other money sucking thing they need. It’s simplistic and it works. I finally got rid of mine a few months ago and here is how I did it.

Google SMS Print
Sunday, 15 July 2007 18:38

Google SMSIn my recent review of free 411 services I stumbled upon a Google SMS, and I personally prefer it to any of the voice recognition services I've tried (I've tried them all). You simply send text a message to 466453 and Google will text you back a result. I mainly use it in lieu 411, but it does so much more. For instance, you can send us population and it will text you back 301,139,947 – send it movies harry potty 29582 and you'll get the next show times for it. It does simple conversions like pints to liters, stock quotes, definitions, weather, and more. For you old fogies out there that don’t use the texting features on your phone this is perhaps a good reason to try it. Head over to Google SMS to read more about this great service. The accompanying photo is what you get if you text mars technologies 29582.

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