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Create Your Own South Park Character Print
Sunday, 15 July 2007 16:00

South Park GrantIf you’re a South Park fan your should check out the original South Park Creator. South Park’s official site at Comedy Central features an earlier version of the same software. The Zwerg-im-Bikinis Original South Park Creator currently features over 9,000 different body-parts, clothes, and other items – so you can add that personal touch. The characters are great to use as an avatar for forums and applications such as Skype. If you want to create a super-sized version just link directly to the flash file.

Before you head over to the site and start clicking away creating your South Park likeness, you might want have a screen capture application running. The South Park Creator doesn't automate saving your creation to your computer. They give basic instructions on screen which is pretty much to press ‘Print Screen’ and paste it into a graphics program like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. Screen capture applications can make getting things like this much simpler. SnagIt from Techsmith is the by far the best software for doing screen captures. They have a 30 day trial, but if you don’t want to muster up the $40 for the software after that, the best free screen capture software would probably be Screenshot Captor from Donationcoder.


Free 411 Directory Assistance Print
Saturday, 14 July 2007 20:36

Directory AssitanceAfter just a little digging, the first fact I dug up was that there were about 2.6 billion 411 calls made in the U.S. last year. This translates into a $7 billion a year market. Jingle Networks one of the first to offer a free 411 service took a 6% market share in the U.S. 411 business last year, which appears to have attracted the attention of the likes of AT&T, Google, and Microsoft. Each has entered into the business, mainly by buying a competitor of Jingle.

AT&T purchased InFreeDA and changed the name to 1-800-YellowPages. Google is rumored to have purchased 1-877-520-FIND in October 2006 and officially launch Goog-411 on April 6th 2007. Microsoft purchased TellMe, widely known as the mac-daddy of 411. Jingle is still 1-800-FREE-411. Armed with these 4 champions, I set out to call each and see what all the fuss was about.

Rules for Online Dating Print
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 22:49

Rules for Online DatingNow that we’ve gotten all the technical stuff out of the way (from a quasi-technical standpoint, mind you) let’s talk about the nuts and bolts. Online dating has rules. And these aren’t necessarily the rules you’ll read in the user “tips” section of whatever site you choose. For research purposes (okay, and just for fun), I’ve created mini-biographies on a few of the most popular sites. So these rules are the ones I’ve learned along the way.

Confessions of an Online Dater Print
Monday, 09 July 2007 16:07

Online DatingPerhaps you, like me, never thought you'd be there (or here depending on your perspective)... online dating. Fours years after the divorce, I thought I'd weigh out my options: 1) Meeting men in bars. 2) Friend fix-ups. 3) Meeting the man of your dreams in Harris Teeter. Hmmmm... no, no, and probably not. Okay, maybe just no. So why not take advantage of the easy access we all have to cyberspace from the comfort our own homes? In this day and age of online-everything, why not utilize the tools available for finding the One for you?

My journey in online meeting/dating (and there is a difference) has been somewhat of an ongoing sociology type of project in human behavior. So let me share what I've learned about the most reputable online resources available to ladies (and gentlemen of course, but, hey, this is a girl's perspective). According to a variety of reviews the 3 most popular sites are eHarmony, Match, and PlentyofFish. I have perused and used all three sites. And when deciding which site to use, it's first important to understand the features of each.

Open Source Mobile Phone Print
Monday, 09 July 2007 14:58
Neo 1973 Mobile Phone

OpenMoko went live today allowing developers to purchase a $300 developers kit or a $450 advanced developers kit. The final product is slated for release in October.

The Neo 1973 mobile phone is a GNU / Linux based open software development platform. Besides running a fully fledged Linux kernel and availability in 2 colors it features:

  • 2.8" VGA TFT color display- Touchscreen, usable with stylus or fingers
  • 266MHz Samsung System on a Chip (SOC)
  • USB 1.1, switchable between Client and Host (unpowered)
  • Integrated AGPS
  • 2.5G GSM - quad band, voice, CSD, GPRS
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Micro SD slot
  • High Quality audio codec
Rockwell Automations Technobabble BS Print
Monday, 09 July 2007 07:22
Loading player...

This is an absolute classic video that apparently was done as a joke for a sales meeting or something around 1997. Whatever the case Professor Irwin Corey could not have done this better.

Zip Decode Print
Friday, 06 July 2007 15:11

Zip Decode 

I often use the USPS ZIP Code Lookup page to find or verify the zip for an address or city. I stumbled upon Ben Fry's Zip Decode the other day witch allows you to graphically see zip codes as you type it. I've always wondered how they were laid out, and now I know! Cool.

After you get to Zip Decode page click the picture and then just start typing numbers. Use Backspace to erase and start over.


Logitech Ultra Vision is the Best Webcam Print
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 07:46

Logitech Quickcam Ultra VisionIf you haven't purchased a webcam in a while, I recommend you go get one, now. Really, I'll wait. Not only are these devices great fun but with free software like Skype, they are a wonderful way to keep in touch with long distance friends and family. I recently tried several of them to see which one I thought was best. Glad to report that after hours of software installation and testing, the clear winner is Logitech.

Continue reading for more information and a short video demonstration.

1 Click Award Print
Friday, 29 June 2007 16:54


This one is definitely worth a click. After the site opens, move the mouse around inside the circle.


Headless Zombie Caught on Google Street View Print
Sunday, 24 June 2007 15:51

Headless Zombie 

It is very rare to see a "city zombie" during the day. This one was missing his head, so it might not have known it was walking around in broad daylight.

Other cool sightings can be found on Google Street View Sightings

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