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BlackBerry Drops Calls After Static Noise Print
Thursday, 16 July 2009 07:10

My older BlackBerry 8310 started dropping calls a while back. It was about a year and a half old when it started. A few minutes into the call, the phone would begin to make a load crackling static noise which both parties could hear. The duration of the noise would lengthen each time the noise returned. Eventually the call would drop and the entire phone would shut off. I would pull and reseat the battery which appeared to return the phone to normal operation. These symptoms progressively worsened in a matter of just a couple days to the point you couldn't even make a two minute phone call.

I purchased a new battery for the phone and everything is working perfectly again. The old battery is slightly swollen in the center which I believe is a symptom of the whatever the underlying problem was. If you are having the same trouble with your phone and are suspect of your battery, try placing it on a flat smooth surface and spin it like a top.  If it has a slight bulge in the center like mine did, it should spin easily.

Google Calendars Stops Storing Password Print
Monday, 13 April 2009 13:51

I use Google Calendar together with Google Sync on my BlackBerry. Today for no apparent reasons Google Calendar required me to type my password each time I launched the shortcut. I use the create application shortcut feature in Chrome to create a link directly to the Calendar. Having to re-type the password every time sort of ruins the conveniences.

The solution I come up with was to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Note that un-installation alone will not correct the problem. You must uninstall Chrome and manually delete some of the stored settings. On Vista they reside in:


and on Windows XP they reside in

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome.

As Chrome is the only Google application I have installed at the moment, I just deleted the entire Google Folder.

Hope this helps someone! I'm still looking for a solution a weather syncing problem. If I have Google Sync on my BlackBerry sync the weather, which is nice, it creates the weather as an all day event. The problem is it flags it as busy, so any other additions you make to your calendar show a warning that they conflict with another event which is the weather.


Move Firefox 3 Bookmarks to Another Drive Print
Sunday, 12 April 2009 13:17

Firefox has been my browser of choice for a while. A while back, version 3 I believe, Firefox switched from storing it's booksmarks in 'bookmarks.html' to 'places.sqlite'. Unlike the flat file database 'bookmarks.html', 'places.sqlite' does not let you change the location with 'prefs.js'. You can however move 'places.sqlite' and trick Firefox into thinking the file is still there with MKLINK. The file resides in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{your-profile-id}\places.sqlite.  AppData on Windows XP is 'C:\Documents and Settings\{username}' and on Vista it is 'C:\Users\{username}'.

For example on Vista my places.sqlite was stored in 'C:\Users\Grant\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tp4sfudw.default\places.sqlite' and I moved it to 'D:\AppsData\Firefox\places.sqlite'. I then dropped to a command prompt and used:

mklink "C:\Users\Grant\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tp4sfudw.default\places.sqlite"


Move VirtualBox.xml to Another Drive Print
Sunday, 12 April 2009 12:53

I switched to VirtualBox from VMware a few weeks ago. VirtualBox lets you store your virtual hard disk folders and machines in another location. I store mine on my second hard drive in my system (D:). However the index to these files is stored in C:\Users\{Username}\.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml. I often reimaging my operating system and as you can guess that wreaks havoc on my VirtualBox configurations. VirtualBox doesn't let you change the location of VirtualBox.xml but it turns out you can move it by copying it to where you want and then creating a link to the file with MKLINK.

For example, my VirtualBox.xml file was stored in C:\Users\Grant\.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml and I moved it to D:\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml.

So I dropped to a command prompt and used:

mklink "C:\Users\Grant\.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml" "D:\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml"


Batch File %ProgramFiles(x86)% Parenthesis Anomaly Print
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 15:29

I ran into an anomaly with the DOS environment variable %ProgramFiles(x86)% when used with an IF statement. I was trying to determine if OS was 64-bit or 32-bit from batch file.


if "%ProgramFiles(x86)%XXX"=="XXX" (
echo 32-bit
set ProgRoot=%ProgramFiles%
) else (
set ProgRoot=%ProgramFiles(x86)%
echo 64-bit
echo %ProgRoot%

This will incorrectly output (notice the closing parenthesis is missing):
C:\Program Files (x86

Offical Offline Google Chrome Installer Print
Sunday, 22 March 2009 09:30

To get the lastest complete offline stand alone installer for Google Chrome use the following link:


UPS Label Printer Prints Duplicates Print
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 15:02

I reinstalled Vista on the computer I print UPS shipping labels from today. After installing the newest Zebra drivers and UPS plug-in I was getting two copies of each label when shipping a package from the UPS website with Firefox. Internet Explorer 7 did not exhibit the problem. Experimenting with previous versions of the Zebra drivers and UPS plug-ins, I discovered the problem was the newer 8.10 UPS plug-in. So to the 2 other people in the world that use a UPS label printer with a 64-bit OS and Firefox the solution I come up with is to use the older 7.96 version of the UPS plug-in.



ObjectDock Weather Not Updating Print
Tuesday, 03 March 2009 18:07


Problem: ObjectDock version 1.90 Plus Build 535u weather docklet stops updating weather. After trying to update you receive the message "Feed not available... try again later."

Solution: Replace the file "stardockweather.ocx" with the updated provided in the link

The orignal file is located at:

(x86) "C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\StardockWeather.ocx"

(x64) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Stardock\ObjectDock\StardockWeather.ocx"

Updated file available here:

Planar PL LCD Monitor Fix Print
Monday, 03 November 2008 13:22

Problem: PL series Planar LCD monitor has no image and the power LED is flashing green and amber.

Solution: The solution to this is to reset the LCD. There are 2 different model revisions and in order to reset the memory, please follow one of the two solutions below.  You will need to check your serial number to find the correct solution for your monitor.

If your monitor has a solid amber light or flashing green power light, this usually indicates there is no video signal going to it.


Vista Folder Type Selection Print
Thursday, 02 October 2008 09:11

Problem: By default Vista will choose the view of your folder by its contents. Although it's mostly acceptable there are a few folders that behavior is very annoying for me. I have a download folder that is constantly resetting to 'Pictures and Music' or the 'Music Detail' view.

Fix: Although I could not find a way to lock one folder down, I did find a way to disable automatic folder template type selection completely.

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