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BlackBerry Drops Calls After Static Noise Print
Thursday, 16 July 2009 07:10

My older BlackBerry 8310 started dropping calls a while back. It was about a year and a half old when it started. A few minutes into the call, the phone would begin to make a load crackling static noise which both parties could hear. The duration of the noise would lengthen each time the noise returned. Eventually the call would drop and the entire phone would shut off. I would pull and reseat the battery which appeared to return the phone to normal operation. These symptoms progressively worsened in a matter of just a couple days to the point you couldn't even make a two minute phone call.

I purchased a new battery for the phone and everything is working perfectly again. The old battery is slightly swollen in the center which I believe is a symptom of the whatever the underlying problem was. If you are having the same trouble with your phone and are suspect of your battery, try placing it on a flat smooth surface and spin it like a top.  If it has a slight bulge in the center like mine did, it should spin easily.

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Yes,silmilar battery problmsare resolved by battery changing not only in black berry but also other cellphones offered by various companies.

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