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Disable "Do you want to run this file" Prompt Print
Sunday, 27 May 2007 15:45

When running files from a local server you receive "Do you want to run this file?" or "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?". These prompt can be disabled via the Internet Explorer security settings.

Open File - Security Warning Open File - Security Warning

Fix 1 

Navigate to Control Panel / Internet Options / Security / Local intranet / Sites /

[ ] Automatically detect intranet network

    [x] Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones
    [x] Include all sites that bypass the proxy server
    [x] Include all network paths (UNCs)

Local intranet 


Fix 2 

Alternatively you could add your server to:

[Control Panel / Internet Options / Security / Local intranet / Sites / Advanced]

Server Name 


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Comments (10)

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Thx a lot smilies/wink.gif it works
LNA , October 23, 2008
very very good article thx a lot smilies/wink.gif
odesa , July 05, 2009 | url
Thank-you very much!
Steve , September 18, 2009
I would've never known to add file in front of the server name.

KTN-IT , October 16, 2009
The only place with the right answer and straight to the point. Thanks!
john , February 01, 2010
I've been trying to get rid of that Warning for a while now, it has been driving me nuts. I edit and move files all day long on the network so its happening to be all the time since them made me move to Win7. Thanks for saving my sanity smilies/grin.gif
MikeOC , November 17, 2010
its very good tip tanks
kiyanoosh , March 09, 2011
neither worked for me running vbscripts from a mapped drive. the only way i could fix it was to go into group policy and make vbs a "low risk" file type under Attachment Manager. which is a terrible idea.
Curtiss , August 04, 2011
Thank Dear.
Its work.
Sudhir , October 10, 2011
tanx alot for you very very good sugestion
jj , July 30, 2012

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