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Ditch Vista Sidebar and Keep the Gadgets Print
Friday, 22 June 2007 19:44

The Vista sidebar has always felt a little awkward to me. Specially because I am used to running certain applications on the right side of my monitor. For instance ReGet (download manager) and Miranda (instant message client) are commonly found hovering on the right side of my screen. Vista's sidebar was constantly appearing over the top of them, making it cumbersome to drag and drop a file to a buddy on ICQ for instance. I first looked to see if I could control the height of the bar, but then stumbled onto perhaps an even better approach.

I dragged my gadgets (I feel dumb saying that word) to my desktop, then right-clicked the bar and selected 'Close Sidebar'. My calendar, clock, and weather are all visible on the desktop now, and I can still easily drag and drop a file to a friend. If a window is covering them up, just press Windows + Space and all the gadgets jump to the front.

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Excellent info, i was looking for exactly that! smilies/grin.gif
K.G , November 13, 2007 | url
So was I!!! THANK YOU!!!
Seth , November 04, 2009

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