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DNA Dating Site Predicts Chemical Romance Print
Saturday, 22 December 2007 15:29

The first dating service to use lab-based genetic profiling launched online last week. Scientific Match promises to pair up people who will be physically attracted to each other because their DNA is different.

Well-matched couples will like each othersÂ’ natural scents, have more fun in bed, and bear healthier children than those who are genetically similar, the company claims.

The service, available only in the Boston area, charges $1,995 for a year-long subscription.

"I strongly believe this will dominate the future of dating services," said founder Eric Holzle, a mechanical engineer.

Members swab their cheeks and send in saliva samples. A lab spends two weeks analyzing the immune system genes, and then the company matches individuals with genetic profiles that are unalike.

"We look at six specific genetic reference points on DNA, and none of those six can match to make a match," Holzle explained.

He was inspired by a well-known sweaty T-shirt study of a dozen years ago, in which biologists found that women liked the smell of dirty shirts worn by men who were immunologically dissimilar to themselves.

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there are many available. They’ll make you feel a lot more secure and you’ll be able to carry out secure dating correspondence in no time. Once you’ve set your profile, the chances are high that you’ll find someone who has the same interests you have. Email exchange via the site usually is the next step. If you haven’t already, give it a shot, you’ll be impressed.
Cameron Sharpe , April 28, 2009 | url
It's cool! This will actually change the perspective of dating world, I never thought such thing can be possible nowadays, really amazing!

Online Dater , May 20, 2009 | url

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