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Opt Out of Calls, Cookies, Junk Mail, and More Print
Saturday, 21 July 2007 22:29

No SpamSomeone I know recently had a brush with identity theft. Identity theft appears to be as rampant as ever. The thief had stolen various mail from their mail box or perhaps their trash. I’m told the pre approved credit card offers are their gold, as they often have enough information in them to be used to get a new credit card, in your name, mailed to a different address. You normally hear how you should invest in a personal shredder to destroy this type of mailings, but being the green guy I am, I began to wonder if you could just simply opt out of receiving the stupid things to begin with. Well you can. In the process of digging for that I found a few other places that can help you reduce the noise in your life. 

Phone Solicitations


Do Not Call RegistryThe official site to opt-out of phone solicitations is I would like to highlight a few items from the National Do Not Call Registry FAQ

  • Your number will remained registered for 5 years and you can verify it’s status online.
  • Only online telemarketing calls are covered by the list. This excludes companies you purchased from or paid in the last 18 months
  • Political solicitations, surveys, and charities are not covered by the list.


Junk Snail Mail

Junk MailThe Direct Marketing Association offers a consumer assistance page that can remove you from marketing material for a $1 fee. They state the buck is to verify your registration and help protect them from fraud.


Junk Email (Spam)

SpamFor email spam there are numerous solutions, most of which do not work that well. The newer mail clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, or Windows Mail (Vista new mail client) can help you deal with spam. If you’re serious about getting rid of spam though, I recommend a paid commercial solution such as


Credit Card Offers

Credit is the official consumer credit reporting industry website to accept and process requests from consumers to Opt-In or Opt-Out of firm offers of credit or insurance. Unless getting those in the mail makes you feel especially good, I highly recommend this one.



CookiesCookies really aren’t all that bad, but if you're a cookie conspirator you can opt-out from one of the biggest cookie marketeers by visiting the opt-out page at DoubleClick. About 75% down the page is a sentence that reads something like: you can “opt-out” of this email cookie by clicking here. Click there and you get another cookie that prevents tracking. Eh heh, a cookie to prevent more cookies... nice.

Public Database

DatabaseIf you have already been a victim of identity thief, you might want to give the Opt-Out at Lexis Nexis a try.


Opt-Out Printable Forms

Printable Opt-Out Forms The Center for Democracy and Technology offers a cool online feature that allows you to generate forms to companies that don’t offer online opting out.


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