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Saturday, 22 December 2007 15:16


Uniblue, might aid you in identifying an unknown Windows process. They offer a searchable index of common processes, identifying them by the manufacturer, purpose, and security risk level. They also offer ProcessScanner and ProcessQuickLink.

ProcessScanner will compose a report on all the processes running on your system. It maintains a copy of the report on their website and gives you the URL so you can forward the output to someone else.

If you prefer to stick with good old Task Manager, their ProcessQuickLink will add an icon to each process reported in Task Manager. This simplifies looking up unknown processes, as it adds an icon to each process reported in Task Manager. Clicking the icon brings up the corresponding ProcessLibrary page.

I like the library but found it valuable only for reassurance that a suspicious-looking process is actually benign. When infecting a system with spyware, the process scanner could not identify the process. I like the process library and the two free utilities they offer, but scattered among the library and various utilities you'll find penty of links to launch the SpyEraser spyware scanner, which is a dud.

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